About Us

Pizza so good, pigs will fly!

Our Approach

Welcome to Maiale Rosa Wood Fired Pizzeria, where we invite you to savor the artistry of authentic pizzas crafted with time-honored techniques, cherished values, and exceptional service. At Maiale Rosa, we believe pizza is a creation for the people, and our commitment is to elevate our customers’ lives with joy and well-being. Our pizzas feature carefully selected artisanal ingredients, including ethically sourced salumi from responsible local, domestic, and Italian imports. The pizza dough, a delightful sourdough, undergoes a meticulous three-day fermentation process, ensuring a rich flavor profile. The result is a choice enjoyed by all, emphasizing quality and tradition.

Our pizzas are dressed with the freshest, primarily organic produce, award-winning, domestic and imported cheeses, and high-quality multi-grain, organic flours to create our signature hand-formed wood-fired pizzas. We proudly prioritize Oregon-sourced products, including specialty meats from Olympia Provisions. We take pride in making our sausage, using premium meats such as Kurobuta pork and Berkshire, and featuring 14-16 month aged prosciutto for an extra layer of exquisite flavor.

For those with dairy allergies or a preference for dairy-free options, inquire about our vegan options, and we’ll happily accommodate your preferences. Join us at Maiale Rosa for a delightful culinary experience that blends tradition, excellence, and inclusivity.

Our Chef

Brett Tuft

Pizzaiolo/Owner Brett Tuft brings over twenty to thirty years of catering and cooking experience, culminating in his wood-fired catering truck (Maiale di Volo); he is taking the next step with Maiale Rosa Wood Fired Pizzeria as his first restaurant that is located in Beaverton, OR.

Growing up in his grandmother’s kitchen, constantly testing his cooking abilities, Brett soon found joy in serving others as sous-chef for many Northwest kitchens. He attended Le Cordon Blue WCI in Portland, OR, to continue his education and has worked for some of the region’s finer dining establishments. With an affinity towards pizza, he held many impromptu pizza parties for family and friends. Maiale Rosa Wood Fired Pizzeria is Brett’s lifelong journey to bring a healthy, great-tasting pizza to the Westside.

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